Now Available – Sugar by Jessica Gadziala

Sugar had known a lot of women in his life. But he’d never met anyone quite like this mermaid-haired, tattooed, pierced, smartass woman named Peyton who made it clear she didn’t want anything from him except as many orgasms as he could give her.
So what was he supposed to do when he realized he did want more? How was he supposed to get this woman who was so committed to non-commitment to take a chance on him? Or convince the loansharks and ex-armed robbers that loved her that he was worthy? All the while trying to figure out how a dead man from his past had somehow come back to life… and why he was coming for him…

Sugar by Jessica Gadziala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All a board for the cray cray train called Peyton.. Add a little crazy plus come Sugar and off the rails you go for an funny, sexy epic ride..

Peyton is a character we’ve meet in two previous books. She was so off the wall you questioned what man could ever handle that. Sugar didn’t know what hit him when the smart mouthed, tattooed, crazy colored hair woman who drives a hearse stops to give him a lift when his bike breaks down.

Along with the melting of the sheets these two do we also get to find out about Sugar’s past and the previous MC that both Sugar and Virgin came from before joining the Henchmen. Even more epic was were the dinners with the Mallicks and Rivers (umm those Rivers brothers are yummy).

This book far exceeded my expectations of what we’d get for Peyton’s story.. Sugar and her were a perfect match..


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Now Available – Kill the Griffin by Morgan Hannah MacDonald

Throughout the course of her career with the CIA, Alexandria Kingston has made many enemies. So whose feathers has she ruffled this time? Whoever it is has deep pockets and is willing to put his money where his mouth is. He’s offering five million dollars to the person who brings him the Griffin’s head!
Alex has been staying in Boston for the last few weeks while her adoptive mother heals from a stint in the hospital. She’s reconnected with the family, and with her childhood crush, Shane Donovan. There’s nothing like being home for the holidays. Especially when your family runs the Irish mob. What starts out as a pleasant Thanksgiving weekend turns into a blood bath when the Murphy estate is hit by a rival hell-bent on taking control of the organization. So what’s the plan for Christmas?
The only man she’s ever loved, Shane Donovan, is going through a nasty custody battle and needs her help. Whether he knows it or not. Alex is certain that his soon to be ex-wife has skeletons in her closet and is on a mission to unearth them. Each secret she uncovers is darker than the last until the investigation comes to a grinding halt when Alex starts dodging bullets.
Assassins are crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches to get her, but just as quickly, they’re murdered. The signature is familiar. It belongs to a maniacal psychopath known as The Shredder. The name alone evokes horror in even the most hardened criminals. He doesn’t simply take life. Instead he savors each and every drop of blood he elicits from his prey until they beg for death. For him, that’s when the real fun begins.
When Alex becomes The Shredder’s next plaything, everyone she loves scrambles to find her, but no one is more driven than Shane Donovan. He’d rather die than let anyone harm a single hair on her head. Now the clock is ticking. Will Shane find Alex in time?

KILL THE GRIFFIN by Morgan Hannah MacDonald
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What’s a girl to do when a five million dollar contract hit has been put out on her.. Kickass CIA assassin Alexandria Kingston just goes back to her family’s Boston home and gathers evidence to help the man she loves to get custody of his daughter from his malicious wife he is in the middle of a ugly divorce/custody fight with.

Alexandria is one cool lady. Not much ruffles her feathers even knowing every deadly assassin will be coming for her. What she didn’t expect is the deadliest of them all – The Shredder – to kill off the competition so he would be the one that gets to torture and kill the Griffin..

As with the first book this was an action packed, fast paced book. The showdown between Alex and The Shredder was a bad ass as she is. Can’t wait to see what’s next..

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If you have not read book 1 yet I recommend.. Available at Amazon

New Release and Review for Bones Don’t Lie by Melinda Leigh

Shocking evidence hits close to home for attorney Morgan Dane and PI Lance Kruger as Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh’s acclaimed series continues.
Private investigator Lance Kruger was just a boy when his father vanished twenty-three years ago. Since then he’s lived under the weight of that disappearance—until his father’s car is finally dredged up from the bottom of Grey Lake. It should be a time for closure, except for the skeleton found in the trunk. A missing person case gone cold has become one of murder, and Lance and attorney Morgan Dane must face the deadly past that’s risen to the surface.
For Lance, the investigation yields troubling questions about a man he thought he knew. But memories can play dirty tricks. For Morgan, uncovering each new lie comes with a disquieting fear that someone is out there watching, because someone is killing every witness tied to this decades-old crime. Morgan and Lance follow in the shadows of a relentless killer and walk right into the crossfire.

Bones Don’t Lie by Melinda Leigh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One of the main staples of this series has been the mystery as to what happened to Lance Kruger’s father 23 years ago. His disappearance forever altered Lance life, as it was the catalyst that broke his already unstable mother. He has since spent those 23 years caring for her and only recently has seen her improve.

Lincoln Sharp who was in law enforcement back then, took Lance under his wing and helped mold him into the man he is today (in this readers opinion). When Lance left the police force he joined Lincoln in his PI business. The two are as close as father and son. Its Lincoln that finds out about a car that Victor Kruger was driving 23 years ago was just found at the bottom of the lake with remains in the trunk and breaks the news to Lance. Lance – who has always wanted to know what happened to his father – is afraid this will set his mother’s mental stability back.

Morgan Dane, who is dating Lance and is a private attorney, Lincoln and Lance together decide reopen the cold case and start from the beginning to try and find out what really happened 23 years ago. The old idiom of let sleeping dogs lie comes into play here. Once Morgan and Lance start digging into the past bad things start to happen – proving that the killer has been close all these years and they just woke him up and he is covering his tracks so no clues lead back to him.

Along with some major surprises throughout the book, the relationship between Lance and Morgan is put to the test with Lance’s insecurities over being a good enough man for Morgan and her three daughters but Morgan’s tenacity wont let him push her away as she chooses to stand and fight just as hard for them and to find justice for his father.

I am curious as to where the series will go now since what has been a huge important element has now been resolved.

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New Release and Review for The Longest Silence by Debra Webb

A killer stole her voice. Now she’s ready to take it back. Don’t miss the chilling Shades of Death series from USA TODAY bestselling author Debra Webb.
Joanna Guthrie was free. She had been for eighteen years–or so she needed everyone to believe. What really happened during the longest fourteen days of her life, when she and two other women were held captive by a dangerous serial killer, wasn’t something she could talk about. Not after what they had to do to survive.
But when more women go missing in an eerily similar manner, Jo knows her prolonged silence will only seal their fates. She’s finally ready to talk; she just needs someone to listen. FBI special agent Tony LeDoux can’t deny he finds Jo compelling–he’s just not sure he believes her story. But with the clock ticking, Jo will do anything to convince him, even if it means unearthing long-buried secrets that will land them squarely in the crosshairs of the killer…

The Longest Silence by Debra Webb
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For eighteen years one woman has kept her silence over what happened to her and two other college age girls where only 2 of them walked away alive. After the other surviving victim takes her own life and a new group of girls goes missing Joanna Guthrie decides it time she goes back to the town where it all happened and finally tell her story hoping to stop whoever has been taking girls and torturing them for almost 2 decades.

One of the missing girls is Tony LeDoux’s niece. Tony was the over eager FBI agent who was working to bring down the Storyteller killer in earlier books. He endure unspeakable things at the hands of the Storyteller and in its aftermath his marriage crashed and burned, he became and alcoholic and resigned from the FBI in fear he was about to lose his job anyways. When he gets the call from his sister that his niece is missing he knows he needs to clean up his act so he can be apart of the investigation.

Both Tony and Joanne are two broken people – both their lives and their spirits in tatters from the horrors of their past. Tony is the first person Joanne reaches out to and tells her story. They both struggle with trust issues at first but its not long before they become a great team. The book goes back and forth between the present day search to 18 years ago and what happened to Joanne.

The author throws one big red herring during the book so your kept guessing who all the “bad” guys are right up until the end. The main couple from the previous books make an appearance to help Tony which was a nice bonus.

Another great suspense that kept you on the edge of your seat..

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New Release and Review for Pretty Little Killers by Rita Herron

The predators become prey in a breathless novel of revenge from a USA Today bestselling author.
Still haunted by his wife’s murder—and stained by the blood of avenging it—FBI special agent Hatcher McGee can’t believe he’s being teamed up with rookie agent Korine Davenport. She is his most guilty secret—the one-night stand who almost cost him everything.
Korine has her own demons. As a child, she witnessed her father’s murder, and she’s spent her life waiting for the killer’s return. She and Hatcher are both looking for closure, but the disturbing case that draws them together could be their last.
When the mutilated body of a corrupt Savannah judge surfaces, Hatcher and Korine find themselves on the trail of a vigilante who is showing no mercy. Not for the predators who’ve gone free. And not for anyone who gets in the way.
As the body count rises, and as Hatcher’s and Korine’s own pasts unfold, they must risk their lives tracking a killer they’ve come to understand all too well. After all, the ends justify the means.

Pretty Little Killers by Rita Herron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jam-packed suspense with multiple plot threads full of serial killers, rapist, child molesters and the victims. The cherry on top of that is there is a vigilante killer brutally killing the sickos..

The two FBI agents leading the search have emotionally scarring pasts both separately and together. They try to keep their pasts out of the investigation but that turns out to be impossible.

FBI Agent Hatcher McGee wife was murdered by serial killers the Skull. He was separated from her at the time, heading for divorce, but the guilt eats at him that he wasn’t there in time to save her or his partner Wyatt Camden from getting serious injured.

FBI rookie Korine Davenport witnessed her father’s death when she was just 5. Since then she has always wanted to catch the person that killed him. She went into law enforcement eventually applying for the FBI. One of her instructors was Hatcher and one night of passion between them left tons of emotional scars for different reasons for each of them. Since their boss doesn’t know about their history he thinks nothing of teaming them together to try and find the vigilante killer which makes for a very uncomfortable partnership between them.

Along with the personal issues of Hatcher and Korine and their search for a killer, there is also the group of women who call themselves The Keepers. These are women in predominant professions who want justice for women who were victims of heinous crimes. Question is are they the ones killing or is there someone else exacting revenge. Also in the midst of the madness is the hunt for a serial rapist. His victims also play a part through the book.

There was a lot going on in this book from the first page to the last that concludes with a shocking revelation. I am curious as to where this series will go with future books. Cant wait to see what the next one is about.

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New Release and Review for A Cold Day in Hell by Lissa Marie Redmond

Lauren Riley is an accomplished detective who has always been on the opposite side of the courtroom from her nemesis, slick defense attorney Frank Violanti. But now he’s begging to hire her as a private investigator to help clear his client of murder. At first Lauren refuses, wanting nothing to do with the media circus surrounding that case—until she meets the eighteen-year-old suspect.
To keep an innocent teen from life in prison, Lauren must unravel the conflicting evidence and changing stories to get at the buried facts. But the more she digs, the more she discovers that nothing is what it first appears to be. As Lauren puts her career and life in danger, doubt starts to lurk on every corner . . . and so does her stalker.

A Cold Day in Hell by Lissa Marie Redmond
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is both a police procedural and legal drama. There are two main cases taking part throughout the book. The main one is about an 18 year old accused of murdering the wife of a rich mogul and the secondary one is a cold case that involved the death of a 22 year old Latina single mother of two.

The principal character is Lauren Riley who is a Cold Case Homicide detective. She is involved in both cases in different ways. For the murder case she is hired by her nemesis defense lawyer Frank Violanti as a private investigator. The accused is his godson and he knows Lauren is the perfect person to have on his side to hunt down the truth and get evidence. The second case she works with her Cold Case partner Shane Reese.

The police procedural part and all the courtroom scenes were tight and you could defiantly tell the author worked in law enforcement.

Lauren’s personal life is where I struggled. She is a great detective. Worked her way up and established herself in a man’s world all while raising her two daughters. Now that they are both in college she is struggling a bit with empty nest syndrome.. I found it hard to believe the things she put up in her relationships with men. Not going to go into detail but its some messed up stuff.

There is also plenty of dry humor mixed around the drama police investigations and courtroom scenes which is definitely needed with some of the subject matter. With a shocking ending there is definitely more story to be told and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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New Release and Review for Edge of Darkness by Karen Rose

The Cincinnati detectives question everything they know–and everyone they trust–in the new novel of romantic suspense from New York Times bestseller Karen Rose.
Homicide detective Adam Kimble is no stranger to battling demons. But Meredith Fallon is a different kind of weakness: one that could actually be good for him, if only he would let himself depend on her. Meredith has loved Adam for a year, and seeing how hard he’s worked to deal with his PTSD makes her feelings only stronger, but she respects his needs. Her work keeps her busy anyway: she counsels sexually abused women like Mallory Martin to help them reintegrate into the world.
But someone doesn’t want Meredith helping women like Mallory, and Meredith finds herself in the crosshairs of a very determined killer. Adam would risk anything for her, but they’ll soon find out she isn’t the only target…

Edge of Darkness by Karen Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Edge of Darkness gives us a man who is fighting for both his sanity and his sobriety all while trying to track a killer who is attempting to kill the woman he cares about.

Adam Kimble had been on the edge for a while. Dealing with PTSD from the things he has seen as a Homicide detective and used alcohol to kill the pain. He met Meredith Fallon at cusp of this and has been avoiding her due to AA’s recommendation of no relationship for the first year of sobriety. He knows that he’s hurt her badly with not telling her the real reason he has avoided her but he wants to make her proud of him by getting that one year (typical man – if he’d just explain pretty sure she’d understand).. Well all of that’s blown to hell when someone tries to kill her with a bomb.

Meredith who counsels children and adolescents who have been victimized was taking one of her clients, Mallory Martin (who fans of the series will recognize from Every Dark Corner – she was the young girl that had been held for 6 years by a the head of a child trafficking and pornography ring) out to lunch to celebrate her starting education classes. It’s while at this lunch that a man approaches with a gun and bomb strapped to his chest.

As this is part of the Cincinnati series those characters play a big part in this book which is always nice to revisit previous characters. The hunt for the person responsible for orchestrating the hit on Meredith ends up leading to very large trail of bodies as the killer is trying to both cover his tracks and carry out a twisted game he started years ago.

Betrayal is the word for this book.. Want to know the who and why? Read the book (insert evil laugh here)

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